DIY Needlepoint Floor Pouf

jhd floor pouf 062

*caution* I am amending this post on 8/27/13 to say that after rigorous use by my four year old daughter the floor pouf is not holding up well. Back to the drawing board on this concept. The stitched side panels are tearing. I am sorry to those of you that have attempted this project and had a similar result. I will look to come up with an improved version.


This project was created with a few goals in mind. It had to be stylish, fun, easy and budget friendly. And finally, my daughter had to love it.

This DIY Needlepoint Floor Pouf project was so much fun to make and the 7 count mesh made the stitching go by quickly. This would be a great mother daughter project. The design could be adapted to your personal color tastes and adding a name or an initial would be easy to do if you wanted to personalize your pouf.

What you will need for this project:

  • 8 panels of  10.5″ x  13.5″  7 count plastic canvas
  • lots of yarn! 2 balls each of 4 colors of your choosing. For this project I used sugar n cream white, robin’s egg, hot blue and hot orange
  • tapestry needle(s), size 16
  • scissors
  • sharpies
  • graph paper to lay out your design or invent your own designs!
  • at least 2 bags of 20 ounces each poly fill

Let’s get started! 4 panels of the plastic canvas you will leave as is. These will be for the side panels. The other four will be cut to 45 holes long leaving the width as is (13.5″). Next you will layout part of the design with a sharpie permanent marker. Once you have stitched in the border pattern you can use the sharpie to mark in the diamond pattern. Needlepoint 4 of these panels.jhd floor pouf 001

jhd floor pouf 011

jhd floor pouf 006

Once you have completed the sides you can move on to the bottom. The latticework repeat pattern is carefully marked onto the canvas starting in the upper corner and working down. Remember each panel is a mirror image of the other. Once you have stitched them up you can whipstitch the two together.

jhd floor pouf 007

jhd floor pouf 010

jhd floor pouf 013

To create the top butterfly piece you will be charting two mirror images of the half butterfly image seen here below. Mark that in with the sharpie as well and then add the lattice background. Whipstitch the two panels together.

jhd floor pouf 016

stitching the top panels together

jhd floor pouf 020Now the fun part! Using long lengths of  yarn (I used white) whipstitch all the panels together. Knot the ends to anchor the threads so they won’t slip out later. View the picture below to see how each panels join together.

jhd floor pouf 026

jhd floor pouf 036

jhd floor pouf 041

jhd floor pouf 045

Stuff generously with the poly fill.

jhd floor pouf 047

Whipstitch closed.

jhd floor pouf 048

Enjoy somewhere soft and cozy to sit. My girly loves hers. She hurls it down the stairs every morning so she can use it at breakfast.

jhd floor pouf 060

I am putting together a compilation of projects like this and others with more detailed instructions and charts, so stay tuned!


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7 responses to “DIY Needlepoint Floor Pouf

  1. fawn

    This is seriously adorable! Love the design and the colors!

  2. WOWEE!! This is just masterful use of PC. Your design is so pretty, and I love the colors you used here. I can just feel how comfortable and sturdy this thing is. I’m giving you the three-needle PC Salute over here!

  3. Wow. That is so fabulous! The colors you chose are electric. Makes me want to run out and buy some plastic canvas and get started.

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  5. Tina Louise

    I am definately going to make this for my granddaughter – 12 mths.

  6. Living on the 5th floor에서 이 항목을 퍼감댓글:
    Add your thoughts here… (optional)

  7. Thanks for the nice comments! If anyone does this project please email me pictures and I would love to post them for others to see. Happy Stitching.

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