Has Stitching Gone Mainstream?

13087076_1107604005970554_7858643505319969664_oLast week I spotted the above “embroidery” kit at Target. At first I was excited because finding a kit like this in Target suggests that the love for needlework had gone mainstream.

Now, a week later I have reservations. I do love Target and shop there regularly. Clearly there is a hunger for crafting growing in our communities as the craft isle at Target is ever growing with these modern spins on the age old crafts of cross stitch, needlepoint, embroidery and knitting.

It looks like Target partnered with Seedling to create this kit.I love the fact that they partnered with an independent designer on this, I guess I just wish it was with someone who more specifically represented cross stitch or needlepoint.

The above kit is a bargain at $9.99, but I am willing to wager that the quality of the contents are not great. Quality materials are so important for your stitching! I know that when I and my peers design kits we work hard to make sure that the stitcher has an incredible experience. Everything is thought through with great care. So before you drop $10 at Target, don’t forget about the Indie designers that paved the way for this modern movement. We will be here long after that kit has hit clearance.

For some quality stitching projects check out:

Floss and Mischief, Hannah Bass Contemporary Tapestry, Pompom Design, Emily Peacock, Red Gate Stitchery, Modern Needleworks, and me.


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New Website with Pattern by Etsy


Today I used Etsy’s new Pattern  to design a new website for  myself. So easy and fun! I am still playing around with it a bit but here it is after only a few hours and my hubby helping me repoint my thingies and all that techie stuff.


New site

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More Vintage Needlepoint!

I am adding some wonderful vintage goodies to my Etsy shop .

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New Needlepoint Kits!

I have been working hard to put together my latest line of needlepoint kits. These limited edition handmade stitchable porcelain ornaments are a tribute to my clay background. The series of DIY needlepoint cuffs in wide and skinny versions are a step out of the box and a fun project. Lastly a series of 10 needlepoint cushion kits rounds out the new collection. You can see them here on my etsy shop. Hope you like them!

IMG_1199IMG_1229 (1)IMG_1157IMG_1143

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New Tapestry Cuff Kits

I am so excited to share that my new tapestry/ needlepoint cuff kits are coming out this Fall at long last! Just in time for The Knitting and Stitching Show. Here is a sneak peek. More coming soon.




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Getting Ready for My First Knitting and Stitching Show

This year’s Knitting and Stitching Show starts October 7th at Alexandra Palace in London. You can find me at stand TGB3 and if you use promo code EX15 when buying your tickets at http://www.theknitingandstitchingshow.com, you can get a discounted ticket.

I have been working really hard to have loads of great tapestry kits to offer. Here are some pictures of what I have been up to. There are pillow kits, cuff kits and some limited edition stitchable porcelain ornaments in the works. You can expect to see my new kits to hit my Etsy shop this Fall. A special thanks to those of you who have been patiently waiting. I hope it will be worth the wait.

11918955_966154346782188_868598848729909884_n 11903898_966154310115525_5048479686533391554_n 11863291_960266434037646_3043733604048449460_n 11062651_962803817117241_6066036052594235001_n 11889594_970623983001891_7395611039115199911_n 11898604_970623929668563_3715800015963922305_n  11902531_970752036322419_7881545893104589508_n

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Vintage Needlepoint Round Up


I found some vintage beauties on Etsy this week, like this coin purse for $22.


These 3 stitched pieces all for just under $30 all ready for you to finish. They would make great pillows with some black geometric fabric backing !


This gorgeous bowl to put on your dresser or entryway for about $17.


And finally awesome affordable bargello.


. . .and more bargello.


Yummy bargello!

What vintage beauties have you found recently?

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Why Connecting To The Past Is Important To Me

FullSizeRender (5)

I have always been drawn to old things. It is as if they whisper a story to me of the past. As a creative I am particularly fascinated with made items and the instruments used to create them. It matters little if I knew the maker or not.

Recently I was thinking on why it is I am so drawn to these things. I have not fully answered that question but what I have arrived at for now has more to do with my own work than I originally thought. I believe we are created with purpose. Part of my purpose is to create things. These things that I create are little love songs from my soul. I know one day I will pass but likely my work will remain and the pain of thinking of it ending up in a dumpster or the back dirty corner of a goodwill hurts. So, when I run across the needlework of those that have gone before me, I take the time to admire what they have done and wonder a little bit about them, whoever they were and why they made what they made. I connect with these strangers and they become part of my work. Sometimes I bring their work back to my home.

The above sewing machine was pulled out of a dumpster. The bobbin was full and the needle threaded. I wonder what it sewed last? Below are a few of the rescues that have been distributed around my home. What have you rescued lately and why?

FullSizeRender (3) FullSizeRender (4) FullSizeRender (6) IMG_1611


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Vintage Needlepoint Books as Resources for Today

IMG_1418 IMG_1412

Oddly most of the best needlepoint resources that I have found were written the year I was born. The fatalist in me likes to think of this as a serendipitous indication of what was to be my fated path as textile enthusiast and needlepoint designer.

I have always collected these resources as I come across them at tag sales and thrifting excursions and often gave them away to other stitchers and designing friends as well as brought them along to workshops and craft fairs. With a now overflowing collection I thought that I might add them to my etsy shop to make them available to others that would benefit from these resources. I am selling them at a low base price of $5 with the hope that people would collect these for resources. They are really great references and very relevant to the contemporary needlework movement.

I am a firm believer that design built on the teachings of our predecessors has the strongest result and find immense fascination in exploring the work of our grandmothers.

What are some of your favorite resources?


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Needlepoint Lavender Sachet For Mom


How about making mom a sweet smelling lavender sachet to celebrate her special day? This “Mom” design is available through Kreinik as are all the super luscious threads that I used to stitch this.



To make the sachet, I made a little insert pillow by sewing two 5″ by 5″ pieces of coordinating fabric together leaving a small opening to add the filling. My sachet is filled with a mixture of rice and  lavender to give it a little weight but you might want to do 100% lavender or blend it with another favorite flower or herb.


This needlepoint sachet cover was made by sewing a mini envelope pillow. Trim your needlepoint leaving about a 1/2 inch seam allowance. The Ikat fabric used for the back is upholstery weight. I cut two 6.5 inch by 4.5 inch pieces and hemmed the top of one and the bottom of the other. Then layered a sandwich with the needlepoint good side facing in on the bottom and the upholstery fabric good side facing down like shown below.


After pinning the sandwich securely together I carefully sewed around the outermost edge of the needlepoint. I stitched a couple extra rows to allow for this. I also use contrasting thread so I can see where my stitches land while sewing. Sew around all four sides. Trim off the excess, turn right side out and pop your sachet in. Happy Mother’s Day!



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