The Handmade Fair at Hampton Court Palace 2016


I vow to be a better blogger this year when I attend my second Handmade Fair at Hampton Court Palace this September. It is just that once I arrive in the UK, I get so caught up in everything that I forget to take pictures. So, we will see how I do this time.

If you have never been or heard of the Handmade Fair it is quite possibly the best maker event ever. Their are inspiring talks and makes held throughout the event by maker greats like Annie Sloan and Cath Kidston. Drop in maker sessions hosted by the likes of Mr X Stitch and contestants from  the Great British Sewing Bee coach students through quick and fun skill building makes. Elegant food and booze up stalls  are scattered about to keep you merry. And my favorite part, shopping villages brimming with some of the best maker talent I have ever seen.

Why do I go all the way across the Atlantic for this? Well, aside from all the inspiration and friendships I have made, there is just something unique and forward thinking about the UK craft scene. Forward thinking, but at the same time built upon an appreciation for classic craftsmanship and asthetics. I have had the joy of meeting kindred spirits in thread and look forward to visiting with friends. Then, of course it is on the grounds of Hampton Court Palace. An absolute maker fairy tale. But don’t lose your head.

So if you have never been, it is definitely worth centering a holiday around. If  you are feeling decadent stay on until October’s Knitting and Stitching Show at Ally Pally. Trust me, if you love fiber, you will not be disappointed. Meanwhile, Mrs Crafty  B has put together a series of meet the maker interviews of this year’s HMF exhibitors to get us all geared up for the event. Mine is here. Yippy!


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