Has Stitching Gone Mainstream?

13087076_1107604005970554_7858643505319969664_oLast week I spotted the above “embroidery” kit at Target. At first I was excited because finding a kit like this in Target suggests that the love for needlework had gone mainstream.

Now, a week later I have reservations. I do love Target and shop there regularly. Clearly there is a hunger for crafting growing in our communities as the craft isle at Target is ever growing with these modern spins on the age old crafts of cross stitch, needlepoint, embroidery and knitting.

It looks like Target partnered with Seedling to create this kit.I love the fact that they partnered with an independent designer on this, I guess I just wish it was with someone who more specifically represented cross stitch or needlepoint.

The above kit is a bargain at $9.99, but I am willing to wager that the quality of the contents are not great. Quality materials are so important for your stitching! I know that when I and my peers design kits we work hard to make sure that the stitcher has an incredible experience. Everything is thought through with great care. So before you drop $10 at Target, don’t forget about the Indie designers that paved the way for this modern movement. We will be here long after that kit has hit clearance.

For some quality stitching projects check out:

Floss and Mischief, Hannah Bass Contemporary Tapestry, Pompom Design, Emily Peacock, Red Gate Stitchery, Modern Needleworks, and me.




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3 responses to “Has Stitching Gone Mainstream?

  1. NanaVal

    I purchased the small box kit at Target, it didn’t make it home without a crack in the wood. I was careful in the care for the car ride home, next time I’ll be careful where I purchase items. The concept was great that there was no finishing cost, which have gone through the roof, but it was too good to be true.

  2. Jean

    Seriously? Get over yourself. There are people, like me, who grew up without much and needlework was not a pastime. Our parents were working all the time to feed us. Had I had an opportunity to buy a $1.50 kit with less than ideal “quality of contents”, I could have learned as a child and enjoyed stitching my entire life rather than picking it up in middle age. Such snobbery in this craft.

    • Hi Jean,
      I think it is great that Target sells affordable needlepoint kits. I have been working for years to create accessible and affordable needlepoint kits myself because I believe in teaching the next generation this craft. I am not pro snobbery and that was never what this post was about.
      It was about not knocking off the independent designers and making sure the kit is user friendly enough that it doesn’t break or fall apart which would not be a great intro to the craft.

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