Needlepoint by Lands’ End

The truth is I am feeling a bit frustrated. I am working hard to come out with some new DIY needlepoint kits. I want to keep the cost low to the buyer but the product standards high with quality designs and materials. This is not easy.

So I am toying around with a few utilitarian concepts, one of which is diy media cover needlepoint kits. I always try to check out what is already out there so I can avoid repeating a concept and when I found these really attractive cases by Lands’ End marked down to as low as $7.99  I just felt like giving up. How can I compete with that?

Then this one for $14.99.

And lastly $7.99 ??!!  . . .

I could now go on to rant about how this unfairly represents the value of needlepoint and craft but the truth is these are all so darn cute and I couldn’t fault you if you went and scooped up  a bunch for early Christmas pressies. Just promise me when I do finally get my diy needlepoint media kits out you will understand that it is just not possible for me to sell them for $7.99.

Best, Jenny



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4 responses to “Needlepoint by Lands’ End

  1. Those are super-cute. I’ll probably end up buying one for my naked ipad, but keep planning to make myself something more special. Eventually. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

    Theres something to that ‘devaluing’ needlepoint idea, not just to you, planning and creating kits, but to anyone taking the time to do it.

  2. Beth


    I would think that the folks that are buying these are not needlepointers. Speaking for myself, I buy projects for the love of doing them every bit as much as for the final product. I have been known to stitch things that I have absolutely no use for just because it spoke to me. For me, Lands End is not a competitor of yours. I would never buy one of these for myself much less give it as a gift. Try not to worry and just design canvases. That is what you are good at!

    Hope this helps.


  3. Pat

    Don’t despair! We appreciate the time and effort and so do the recipients of our gifts!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement. I will keep designing 🙂

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