some needlepoint basics

There are a lot of rules out there when it comes to needlepoint. Some of them will serve you well while others, well you will just have to determine what is right for you. I have a pretty layed back attitude when it comes to my needlework. For instance I never use stretcher bars. Some stitchers swear by these but for me I usually have a million projects going at the same time so I just roll them up and stuff them in my craft tote. I also experiment with a variety of fibers and canvases. They range from very costly to dirt cheap. There are so many good blogs out there that can teach you the right way to needlepoint. My aim is to take a fresh approach. I am still learning myself but I figured I would share some handy tips for those of you just starting out in needlepoint.

First, learn how to make a waste knot. Then move on to trying out these next two stitches:
jhd basketweave2

If you don’t know the basketweave stitch yet it is a great one to have in your stitching arsenal. It is pretty versatile. You could use it to fill in background areas or you could stitch your entire piece with this.jhd continental2

The continental stitch is super handy for outlines or anywhere where there are straight stretches to stitch.

Practice! I have a fun post coming up where you can test out your skills or try this earlier project.



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