How to Finish the Red Cassette Kit Into a Wristlet

IMG_1239Let me just get this out in the open. I am not a professional finisher and it is with this non professional status that I choose to write this tutorial. Years ago, I launched the Red Cassette Needlepoint Kit and had a gorgeous sample finished for it. A few months ago I retired the old kit fitted with luxury silk threads and a handpainted needlepoint canvas retailing for $95 and this week I am relaunching the updated more accessible version that will sell for $45. The new kit, available here, includes lovely anchor tapestry wool (no plying needed), a blank canvas (because this will save you money), tapestry needle and color chart to plot out your design along with basic stitching instructions. I will offer the option to upgrade to a handpainted canvas for those that want that for an additional $25.  I have redone both the kit and the sample to create a more accessible product that the amateur seamstress (like me) can finish. So once you have stitched the Red Cassette Needlepoint Kit, here is a way that you can finish it if you like.

This wristlet / wallet holds all the basics ($, ID, transit and cc cards, phone, house key, lip balm). I used some salvage supplies like threads and snaps along with upholstery weight fabric and black cotton duck fabric. Upholstery fabric is Waverly, “Duncan” in Grey. Here I will treat the needlepoint like applique as opposed to using it as the actual fabric as I will do in my future pillow finishing tutorials. To prepare your needlepoint for applique you will need to have it blocked. Here is a link to the proper way to block your needlepoint. I didn’t do that, because I am a renegade amateur. I used the beautiful steam iron that mummy gave me for Christmas and steamed the backside of the needlepoint and then pulled back into its intended rectangular shape. I then trimmed the canvas selvage down to about 6 rows of selvage and folded and pressed down. Then I whipstiched the edges with the leftover black wool included in the kit. Set aside.

To prepare the body of the wristlet that will fold up into thirds I measures for a 12.5″ long bit by 5.5″ wide plus 1/2″ selvadge all around. Then I sewed all around with right sides of fabric facing in, save for a little opening on the bottom for me to flip piece right side out. Flip right side out and then press. I used chalkboard chalk to outline where I would put needlepoint applique and then stitched a 1/4″ line around entire border. To create pockets I did a mini version of that same process and applied little patches of fabric on the interior to serve as pockets for nick knacks. I also sewed a lining on the back of my B Side of the cassette because have decided to use that as a pocket for my iphone. Wristlet fastener is just a bit of decorative ribbon looped and sewn on to right inside corner. Wristlet is a bit of handmade binding. Cut binding 2″ wide to create a 1/2″ wristlet strip. I bought the wristlet hardware from this Etsy seller and she writes a wonderful tutorial on how to make a proper wristlet.

Once my wallet/ wristlet was finished I applied the needlepoint cassette patches using black thread and a whipstitch. All in all it took me about 5 hours to complete.




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3 responses to “How to Finish the Red Cassette Kit Into a Wristlet

  1. Alice

    Very clear instructions and great pictures–makes me want to make a wristlet right away!

  2. Love it! What a great project!

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