Needlework is Relevant to Contemporary Culture

In a world where we are inundated with media and taught that our value is based on wearing the appropriate fashionable footwear, awaking the creative spirit within us is if nothing else a survival tactic. Jamie Chalmers, manbroiderer and creator of Mr. X Stitch, the world’s best contemporary embroidery and needlecraft site, speaks to the relevance of needlework in our contemporary culture.

It was hard to narrow down to my favorite quote from Jamie’s TEDx  Bedford talk, but I chose this one in his closing remarks. It is however well worth your 8 minutes to listen to the rest!

“X Stitch is a powerful thing, it means we can all be activists, it means we can all express ourselves in ways that we might not have felt otherwise, it means we can all be artists and if we live in a day and age where people are invited to be passive consumers and that where we are convinced that our lives our only valued if we have nice shiny yellow trainers, then the power of x stitch and the power of making becomes even more relevant.”


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