The Handmade Fair 2014


The  first ever Handmade Fair at Hampton Court Palace was my most favorite event that I have ever attended! The venue was amazing. The people were delightful. The memories I collected are unforgettable. I am already dreaming of returning in 2015 when they will do it all over again.

What really set this event apart from others was the emphasis on learning and crafting. I could not believe how many people enthusiastically turned out rain or shine to learn and craft. My travel companions and helpers were my father and son and they were such great company! I finally got to meet Mr. X and Emily Peacock in person. Kirstie Allsopp even stopped by my stand to welcome the American.

My head is still reeling. I will post more on my UK adventure soon!

xo Jenny





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  1. Alice

    Excellent description–full of enthusiasm. I love the photos!

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