One Trick Pony . . .

Lately I have been feeling a little bit like a one trick pony. Like all I know how to do is design needlepoint. The truth is that this is such a time consuming occupation that it does take up much of my time. That is an excuse. I haven’t been allowing myself to try new things. As I was approaching my 40th birthday I realized there were so many craft skills that I had yet to hone and some that I needed to revisit. I didn’t yet know how to sew, how to quilt or how to knit . Skills I had been wanting to learn but kept putting off. So it was time for this pony to learn some new tricks. With help from a friend (who will be guest posting soon), I was able to conquer my sewing machine phobia. After a kitchen curtain project and some pot holders I dove right into this quilt project, a Christmas present for my daughter. IMG_3039IMG_3069

Mom and you tube helped with some knitting basics. I  knit a ridiculous number of infinity cowls and head warmers all in garter stitch. So fun! Yeah, now I am THAT lady. I think I will wear them all at once, especially today while it is 5 degrees out!

I even managed to revisit my old friend the potter’s wheel and throw enough bowls to wear my fingernails down to painful little stumps.

Then, inevitability I turned 40 but now with a few extra tricks in my back pocket. Let’s go 2014!



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7 responses to “One Trick Pony . . .

  1. That quilt looks great! Sewing machine phobia- haha. I think I suffer from the same problem. I am dying to learn knitting, but feel so uncoordinated when I try.

    • Thanks! I don’t know what it was about this time around but everything just seemed to click. I previously made very feeble attempts at both sewing and knitting with poor results.Finding a buddy to work with really helped me. Who knows maybe this is your year too?

  2. Alice

    And I had the privilege of seeing the quilt in person–it’s truly a work of art!! You learn new things quickly, and very well.

  3. Tina C.

    Nice quilt!!

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