DIY Union Jack Pillow

Picture 046This DIY Union Jack Pillow was inspired by all the amazing designers from across the pond that I have been covering on my blog over the last few months. Yay for the UK ! I finished it just in time to post it for this fun plastic canvas blog hop that Diane Gilleland of CraftyPod has arranged. You can view the other projects that designers have created at the bottom of this post. There are some really fabulous projects! But for now, let’s get you started on this one.

The materials that you will need for this project:

  • 3 sheets of  10.5″ x 13.5″ plastic canvas size 7 count
  • 6 balls of sugar ‘n cream yarn, 2 of each color (this will be more than enough) I used hot blue, white and red but you can vary colors as your creativity dictates.
  • tapestry needle size 16
  • sharp scissors
  • sharpie permanent markers (different colors helps )
  • graph paper and pencil to sketch/ work out patterns before transferring them to the canvas
  • 1 20 ounce bag of polyester fiber fill

materials needed

Step 1:

  • Leave 2 sheets of canvas as is.
  • Cut the third sheet into 2 strips of 16 holes x  70 holes and two strips 16 holes x 90 holes.

Step 2:

  • To layout the design onto the plastic canvas first practice on graph paper and then carefully transfer to the pc using a sharpie permanent marker. Some stitchers use different colored markers to represent the different colored thread. 
  • First find the center point of the canvas and work outwards carefully counting out the pattern and marking it onto the canvas with your marker. Below are graphs for reference of the Union Jack and a repeat pattern that I used for the backside of the pillow

Picture 033

Picture 035

union jack graph


Picture 034

Picture 038

Picture 037

Step 3:

Mark out the striped pattern for your sides. I alternated blue and red with a single white line seperating them. The red and blue stripes are each 9 stitches wide.

side panels

Step 4:


Picture 031



Step 5:

Whipstitch the edges together leaving one end opened to stuff.

Picture 018

Picture 019

Picture 042

Picture 043

Step 6:


Picture 044

Finally, whipstich the pillow closed. Finished!

Picture 046




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7 responses to “DIY Union Jack Pillow

  1. pam

    All the information about transferring a pattern to the canvas is soooooo helpful. I had no clue how this was done! And you came to my rescue!

    I love both sides of your pillow! How do you ever decide which one to face out?

  2. Judith

    Just for confirmation: It looks like you’re using a single strand of the yarn. Is that correct? I’m worried that it might look a little thin, given the large canvas. But it’s such a cute pattern and a great idea for plastic canvas! It’s awesome!

    • Yes, Judith it is single strand of the sugar n cream yarn. The coverage is really nice because the yarn is super thick. Just make sure your strands are no more than 16″ when stitching. The yarn will stretch and thin and fluff if we pull too hard on it so shorter strands work better. Have fun stitching and let me know how it goes!

  3. Love this project so much! Makes me want to reconsider using plastic canvas.

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