Smathers & Branson

Peter and Austin started their company, Smathers & Branson in 2004. After the two had received needlepoint belts made for them by their girlfriends they became intrigued with these accessories and began their quest to seek out affordable hand stitched needlepoint belts to sell. There innovative and entrepreneurial minds birthed not only a successful retail company but also a cottage industry that employs and provides opportunities for over 2,000 people in Vietnam.

Their designs are preppy and whimsical and offer utilitarian objects like key fobs, whisky flasks, belts, wallets and dog collars.


Needlepoint Key FobsNeedlepoint FlasksTraditional Needlepoint BeltsWomen's Needlepoint Wallets

To order your own handstitched treasure travel over to their website here. Or if you are looking to stitch up some of their snappy designs yourself, check out purl soho here, where they sell unstitched handpainted Smathers & Branson needlepoint canvases.


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