DIY Needlepoint Picture Frames


I can’t believe we are two weeks away from Christmas Eve!  That is still enough time to whip up one or two of these DIY Needlepoint Picture Frames. The Rudolph was drawn by my mega talented and sweet 6 year old. This project is for creating a needlepoint matte to fit into an 8″ x 10″ frame but it can easily be adapted to make numerous variations of frames. Custom build your own shapes and sizes or add  fabric and ribbon to the back to create a hanging frame or add magnets to the backs to create fridge frames . . .

What you will need:

– 1 sheet of 7 count plastic canvas

– 2 or 3 colors of yarn (try sugar -n- cream )

-size 16 tapestry needle

-sharp scissors

-pencil and graph paper to chart and design your pattern before stitching .

-sharpie permanent markers to transfer your design to the plastic canvas

-8″ x 10″ frame

-if you decide to do a variation of this project you will need felt with self adhesive backing , ribbon and /or  magnets with self adhesive backing

To get started come up with a pattern using your graph paper. Stripes are an easy place to start or you can try herringbone like I did. Once you have the pattern worked out cut out the plastic canvas 67 holes long and 53 holes wide. You might want a wider opening but if you want it like mine I left a 15 hole border all around. Now transfer your pattern to the plastic canvas using sharpie marker. Needlepoint!


transfer pattern


 Whipstitch the lnterior and exterior in a contrasting color and then place in your frame. Repeat!

For a variation instead of using an 8″ x 10″  frame  to finish off your piece you could smooth on the felt with self ahesive cut to size to the backside of your needlepointed frame (after you have put your picture in). Then either attach ribbon for a hanging frame or magnets to the back to make a fridge frame. Vary sizes and make a series.




If you end up making this or any of the projects I posted please email me pictures and comments. I would love to hear from you!


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