Needlework Legacy

I am not sure what sort of legacy I am leaving for those that come after me but I can only hope to have a small measure of the talent the women that preceded me had.

That is me on my wedding day (10 years ago). The beautiful embroidered table linen that the cake is set on was made by Irene Ocampo, my great grandmother on my mother’s side and was loaned to me by my mother for our wedding.

While celebrating Thanksgiving this week I was reintroduced to some precious linens that my mother had kept close guard of over the years. They belonged to grandmothers and great grandmothers and great great grandmothers.

I always felt that I found needlework accidentally when I literally stumbled upon a needlepoint design job in San Francisco when I was in my early twenties. I realize now that needlework is in my blood and we would have inevitably found each other one way or another.

My great grandmother, Irene Ocampo embroidered this incredible table linen.  She was born and raised in Buenos Aires  Argentina. This is the one we used at our wedding.

Her mother (my great great grandmother) Mercedes Velasquez moved to Buenos Aires from Vizcaya Spain. This is her table linen. My iphone pictures do not do it justice!

My grandmother Irene was an incredible seamstress. She made my mother’s wedding dress from a newspaper photo of a Bergdorf Goodman dress that my mother liked. This is her sampler that she made in school at age 13 when learning needlework was part of the curriculum. I included the cover because the sketch on it is delicate and wonderful.

 The last piece is by my great grandmother on my father’s side, Sylvia Black from London, England. She was also an avid needlepointer.

What will I leave for the daughters that follow me?


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