DIY Peace & Love Fridge Magnets

Peace & Love Fridge Magnets

In the spirit of the season we thought we’d pass along an easy DIY project to make and give to those on your nice list.

What you will need:  a sheet of plastic canvas size 10 count, a sharpie permanent marker, 3 colors of yarn (we use sugar n cream in Red, White & Hot Green), self adhesive magnetic strips, cork or felt for the backing and some fabric glue. Hang on to the extra materials because we will be posting a couple other projects soon.

Cut 2 squares 15 rows by 15 rows out of your plastic canvas sheet. Use your sharpie to mark in a heart or a peace shape,  see picture above to chart out design.

Once you have it outlined fill in with stiches. Do the background with alternating stripes of green and white.  Cover back with felt or cork and fabric glue. Add a couple magnetic strips with self adhesive cut to size. Give to someone you love!

If you have never needlepointed before check out Susan Battle’s video tutorial for some great tips



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2 responses to “DIY Peace & Love Fridge Magnets

  1. Awesome project! And thanks for the link to my videos! Susan @ The Point of It All

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