Needlepoint Coaster Kits

The idea for the needlepoint coaster kit began with me taking my four year old son to Michael’s to pick up some plastic needlepoint canvas for him. He had been begging me to start his own needlepoint project and there just isn’t anything out there that seemed to appeal to us at the beginner level.

Up until now all of our Jenny Henry Designs needlepoint products have been labor intensive hand painted needlepoint canvases. The retail price for these has been high as is typical for this type of thing but there is a whole demographic of crafters that are missing out because of the high cost of these projects. This has always bothered me.

But now standing in Michael’s with my son, I see this other side of needlepoint, it’s plastic sister and everything is so affordable! We collect our materials and head home to create. Liam is seen here below testing out the process.

After a few of months of refinement the coaster kit series has been developed and is available to the public. Because the designs are charted and the materials are relatively inexpensive, these kits can be retailed for $25.00.

Even though these kits were designed with the beginner in mind they could also be a fun quick project for the experienced neelepointer as well. Each kit contains everything you will need to stitch up a set of four coasters. There are 10 designs to choose from.


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