Stitchable Stocking Stuffers

Stitchable Owl

For the little ones these sweet Char­lotte Bucilla Stitchables will surely keep there hands busy for at least some of their Christmas break. Choose from a series of wooden charms that are pack­aged into an inexpensive kit. You can buy yours at Plaid Online.

Babushka, House, Bird, and Apples Stitchables

For the hard to buy for men in your life try this Fly Tying Kit from Krienik.

And last but not least for the women consider my latest DIY Needlepoint Jewelry Kit series. This series was created especially for the modern stitcher. The project requires a low time commitment of approximately four hours or rather 4 Downton Abbey episodes and is completely self finishing. You can find the full line in my Etsy shop here. Mention this blog post in a convo and I will give you a second kit of your choice at 1/2 off. Offer good until Friday 12/19/14.

Ogee with Stripes

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Buffalo Plaid Needlepoint Cuff



Do you need some buffalo plaid in your life? This small scale plaid with just a hint of sparkle is the perfect little accessory for your holiday wardrobe. Make one for you and one for your bestie.

This buffalo plaid needlepoint cuff is stitched up with Kreinik Silk Mori and #12 braid metallic black Kreinik Thread onto 13 mesh zweigart canvas. You can download a free chart for this here, buffaloplaidcuff .

IMG_0817 (2)

I used basketweave stitch in both the solid black and solid red squares. In the solid black squares I also used a strand of the black metallic along with the silk to add a little sparkle. In the red and black squares of the plaid pattern I used the metallic thread in a x stitch to add texture.

Once you have stitched your plaid panel trim the unstitched canvas down to about five or six rows and fold all sides inward and press with an iron. Whipstitch the edges with the silk to add a clean edge to your cuff.



Next, prepare a lining. I chose a black and white toile to compliment the “rustic” plaid. Cut your fabric to size, iron on a lightweight interfacing to add body and hem all four sides. Attach wrong sides together and either hand or machine sew all four sides to attach backing and needlepoint together.


Next, choose a sew on snap for closure and attach. I raided my vintage stash for my snaps and threads.


As always, I try to keep these project posts low cost, modern and suited to a range of stitchers. If you think these cuffs would make a nice series of kits, leave a comment. Message me if you need help sourcing materials for this project or have any questions. Have fun and give something handmade this Christmas! xo Jenny

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Free Charts Added to Old Favorites

Picture 046back


This Union Jack Pillow DIY finally has a free Jenny Henry Designs  UnionJack Chart to go with it.



And so does this Eyeglasses Case DIY , just click here : Chevron EG .

Peace & Love Fridge Magnets

And these cute little magnets too! Chart is here : peaceandlove.

Finally, a chart for my little butterfly friend from 2 years ago right here if you click this : butterfly with diamonds .

jhd 321

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DIY Raven Pendant With Kreinik Glow In The Dark Thread



Halloween is quickly approaching and I have to admit I am not fully prepared. This quick and easy glow in the dark pendant project might just be the only festive accessory I will be sporting this Hallows Eve. Living in Baltimore I see a lot of crows and Ravens this time of year and they are fascinating creatures. Expect to see more of them in some upcoming designs! Meanwhile give this quick project a go with the free chart I provided below.

These glow in the dark threads from Kreinik are so much fun and I will be sure to use them in more of my designs. I am thinking these could be great for a series of patches for kids to applique onto their backpacks. What do you think?


What you will need:

-A small square of 18 count needlepoint canvas (no bigger than 3″ x 3″) *

-Kreinik glow in the dark thread 051F #12 braid *

-Kreinik Metallics 005c #12 braid *

-size 18 tapestry needle *

-sharp scissors

- chart (provided below)

-pendant hardware *

*If you need help sourcing these materials convo me and I will put together a kit for you on my Etsy shop

IMG_0736Basketweave Stitch Illustration

With this RavenChart transfer the design to the needlepoint canvas. You can outline it first with a sharpie pen or a pencil like I did. The basketweave stitch is all you will need for this project.




When you are done stitching carefully trim around the edge of your needlepoint and place in the pendant hardware. Charge up the threads with a light and then head out for a spooky night!

For more of my DIY Needlepoint Pendant Kits check out my Etsy shop here. They just went up last week!

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The Handmade Fair 2014


The  first ever Handmade Fair at Hampton Court Palace was my most favorite event that I have ever attended! The venue was amazing. The people were delightful. The memories I collected are unforgettable. I am already dreaming of returning in 2015 when they will do it all over again.

What really set this event apart from others was the emphasis on learning and crafting. I could not believe how many people enthusiastically turned out rain or shine to learn and craft. My travel companions and helpers were my father and son and they were such great company! I finally got to meet Mr. X and Emily Peacock in person. Kirstie Allsopp even stopped by my stand to welcome the American.

My head is still reeling. I will post more on my UK adventure soon!

xo Jenny




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DIY Needlepoint Pendant and Pin Kits

group shot 2

Today I leave for London to  prepare to exhibit at The Handmade Fair this weekend.  As  I was planning for this event, I found it necessary to come up with a new line of  needlepoint kits. I wanted something elegant being that we will be at a palace, but also not overly complex as I want to appeal to someone who might have yet to discover the joys of needlework. These DIY Needlepoint Jewelry Kits are my very best attempt at fulfilling those goals.  This is the first glimpse at the kits. A  few of the designs will be available on Etsy  but unless you come see me at Hampton Court Palace this weekend  (stand B97) you will have to wait until October for the rest.

Medallionvictorian floral round_DSC0068_089Ogee with Stripes

Each kit includes a chart of the design, a basic stitch guide,  luscious silk threads from Kreinik, A small square of zweigart 18 mesh ( 18 holes per inch) canvas, one tapestry needle and the jewelry hardware to finish into either a pin or a pendant. To start, there are 10 patterns to pick from but I have already dreamed up others that will get added later. Also, expect to see more Kreinik threads in my designing future. I have a fun Halloween project I will post next month using their glow in the dark thread.


My product photos were taken by Carey Cooper and the Bronte books once belonged to my grandmother, Naomi.

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Unconvential Stitches


As we push the boundaries of our craft it seems only natural that we look to unlikely surface to display our stitches. Any surface with holes or mesh is fair game and if it lacks holes we can always poke some in.




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Needlepoint Rescue


As part of my design process I often look to the designs of the past for inspiration. It is not uncommon for me to “rescue” a bit of unloved needlepoint from time to time and find it a new home. Today I wanted to share some of my top picks with my readers for needlepoint rescue. They are all listed on Etsy and you can click on the image should you like to purchase them.

Vintage floral needlepoint canvas, $7.50


Beautiful vintage needlepoint handbag. $55

Vintage needlepoint pillbox. $28

Vintage needlepoint brooch. $5.77


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The Handmade Fair September 19th until the 21st


I am looking forward to this event in September!! Except that I don’t want it to come too quickly because I have a lot of work to do before then.

Jenny Henry Designs will be exhibiting at The Handmade Fair, presented by Kirstie Allsopp. The Handmade Fair puts learning and making at the heart of your experience. Everyone has a craft they can do and the fair will inspire you to find and refine yours.

More on this later . . .

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Creating with Meaning


It is with delight that I publish Emily’s beautiful essay on the importance of creativity and inspiration in our work . Emily Peacock is a British needlework designer, workshop instructor and one of the author’s of  “Adventures In Needlework : Stitching with passion”. Her book is a refreshing departure from the mainstream but yet manages to keep itself deeply rooted in traditional technique . Buy it here.

Now grab a cup of coffee (or tea may be more appropriate) and enjoy what Emily has to share.

EPT Em 2 Emily

Over the last few years I have really enjoyed running creative workshops. I work from home, alone, and so along with the exhibitions and talks I do, workshops are the social aspect of my chosen career. The workshops I teach are centred around embroidery and canvas work, but they are not just technical How-Tos, but critically about inspiration. I teach the stitches, I explain the materials and techniques and then I give student the space to become the designer in the projects I set. This can be through their choice of colour, pattern, layout – wherever there is the freedom to stray within the parameters of the project: ‘A little structure, A little freedom’ is my motto when it comes to teaching. I also explain how students can move forward with what they have learnt and how to apply it to their own projects. I like the fact that the class may not have an end point that comes when the project is finished, but that what is learned can continue into the future with projects and ideas not yet imagined.

I put a lot of focus on creativity and inspiration because it very quickly occurred to me that the reason so many people sign up for workshops is because they are creatively frustrated. I can’t tell you how many conversations I have had with people where they list off all the things they are interested in, all the projects that have half finished and all the designers and companies they know of that they would love to emulate. I know their pain – I was like that for years myself. Behind what is often presented as an oh-so-cheerful crafty façade where we are encouraged to make things ‘just for fun’, is often a world of frustration and the desire to create something that feels meaningful. The secret is not to look outside at what everyone else is doing.

As I write this, I am reminded of an encounter with a student who was deeply frustrated as she did not know which way to go forward with her career. She was a strict Catholic whose religion was central to her life, she also had a qualification in Gemology and was now doing a degree in needlework. Although these things seemed disparate to her, it seemed to me that they could be perfectly synthesized. I saw needlework as the foundation where she could look at ecclesiastical embroidery and present it in her own way using semi-precious stones, which each have their own meaning. In this way she was using techniques she loved, materials she knew a lot about and the purpose was to express her religion. I have no idea what happened next in her story, but she left me smiling.

The other day I was listening to a podcast about living an authentic life. (As well as being a designer and maker, like so many others at this point in time, I am also a student of self-development). As I listened, I asked myself if I was being authentic when it came to my business. Do I practice what I preach? I have combined my background in graphic design and typography with my love of textiles to create a product an approach and designs that are unique. In short, I have told my story and yes, all of that is important to me. But stories change and we evolve and the more I am faced with the patronising and glib side of ‘crafting’ the more meaning I want to add to my work. So I am wondering what’s next for me, how much further I can go. It’s exciting. As creative souls, it’s so good to ask questions of ourselves and think about what aspects of our lives can feed into our work. It can be our role as a friend, a parent, the things we love and care about, where we live, our country of origin, the things that break our heart. When you think about all the different facets of who you are as an individual, you can’t stay stuck for long. Each of us is unique, each of us has a story. Let’s tell those stories.

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